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Abraham-Louis Perrelet was born in 1729 in Le Locle, Switzerland. He was fascinated by watchmaking at a young age, and as a teenager, he devoted himself to the construction of precision instruments used in watchmaking. His commitment and talent would make him one of the greatest watchmakers of his time.
From the 1770s, Abraham-Louis Perrelet dedicated himself to finding a system in watchmaking whereby one single initial impulse would enable the system to keep going indefinitely. By 1777 he had developed what we know today as the automatic or self-winding movement. He is credited in the history books as the inventor of the self-winding movement.
Abraham-Louis��s grandson, Louis-Fr��d��ric Perrelet, was born in 1781. It was soon evident that he had inherited his grandfather��s watchmaking skills. He had a strong affinity for both mechanics and mathematics. He first trained with his grandfather and, after that, at Breguet in Paris, before becoming an independent watchmaker.