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Watches advertise messages about their wearer to the outside world. The choice to wear a watch at all and which watch you choose says something about you. Particularly loud or expensive watches��like a rainbow Daytona or a solid gold Royal Oak��are often called statement pieces because the message they send is so pronounced. Those watches make some very strong statements. On the other hand, this Alain Silberstein Krono Bauhaus 2��while still loud and confident��makes an entirely different kind of statement.
If you��re not familiar with his watches, here��s some background. Alain Silberstein is a French former architect and designer turned watchmaker. His watches are notable for their whimsical, colorful designs that utilize simple color schemes and basic shapes. You��ll notice on this watch��and most of his others��an emphasis on the use of red, yellow, and blue, these, of course, being the primary colors that make up all others. While focusing on primary colors, he also utilizes the most basic of geometric shapes using triangles, circles, and squares for most components. It��s a unique style that pays respect to great design and has a fun, playful attitude that��s instantly recognizable.