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Gevril is one of the famous watchmaking companies in Switzerland. Gevril is the main brand of the Gevril Group that makes timepieces for other companies in Switzerland. Gevril nearly went extinct some years back, but thanks to new management, this famous brand bounced back to its previous glory. Jacques Gevril founded the Gevril company in the mid-18th century. Jacques Gevril was a gifted Swiss watchmaker who, after successfully presenting a collection of complicated musical automata to the famous Spanish ruler, King Ferdinand VI, decided to remain in Spain to perfect his watchmaking. Gevril's traditional watchmaking traditions were used by future Gevril watchmakers like Daniel Gevril and Moyse Gevril. Due to its rich historical culture and connection to watchmaking, the Gevril pocket watches are highly collectible. One Gevril pocket watch is part of the Wilsdorf family collection, who are the founders of Rolex. The Museum Gen��ve also owns one Gevril pocket watch.