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Recognized around 1874 by Georges Edouard Piaget in La Cote-aux-Fees, the Piaget work space firstly made timepiece movements for impressive Swiss makes. In 1943 Piaget registered the organization name, began marketing and advertising its own timepieces and also got to function miniaturizing its elements. In 1956 the company presented the legendary 9P, an ultra-thin hand-wound hardly 0.08 inches in thickness. Many yrs later on it unveiled the 12P, which within a thickness of no more than 0.09 ins, was the slimmest automatic caliber on earth. Piaget adopted these success with the 1976 release of the 7P, the slimmest quartz movement of their generation and even more just recently, the 03 launch of the 600P, the slimmest shaped tourbillon movement in the world.
Ultra-thin took over as the Piaget brand, giving the trademark with the excellent chance to break with traditional timepiece variations. Starting in the 1950s, the Swiss corporation put its astonishing extravagance on display by coming up with ring wrist watches and 9P calibers hidden in coins and gold ingots. Piaget also grew to become known for having started the 60s fashion for semi-precious stone dials manufactured from onyx, turquoise, coral and opal mounted on sumptuous cuff bracelets. These pieces are actually hotly pursued by enthusiasts. Piaget's movements quickly became a type of specialty of the house-and they still are today. The new caliber 1208P, featuring its 29.9 mm diameter, is 500ths of a mm wider as compared to the legendary caliber 12P, whose fiftieth anniversary was observed in 2010. Still, with its height of 2.35 mm, the 1208P is the thinnest automatic movement out there, and it fits in perfectly with post-recession discretion on the wrist